Mikhail Kashkin

About me

Birth date: 29 october 1980 Position: python programmer, project manager.

I'm python developer with more than 10 years of experience in highload and long-term projects. Professional goals are the long-term collaboration with product IT company with target market in US, Europe and Asia.

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.


  • Email: [email protected]
  • Skype: mkashkin
  • Cell phone: +380 (67) 283-8299, please use email or skype for communication

Other profiles:


Programming languages: Python, Javascript, HTML5.

Python: Flask, Django, Pyramid, Google App Engine. In past Zope, Plone,

Databases: Postgres/MySQL. Non-relations: Google Datastore, ZODB, MongoDB. Work with ORM.

Source code management: Git, Mercurial, Subversion. Buildout, pip.

Project management: Team leader, development process management.

OS: OS X, Linux (Ubuntu).

Work experience

Healthjoy (Ukraine), Lead developer/Product manager, feb 2014 - jul 2014

HealthJoy is on a mission to help people make better healthcare decisions. Obamacare changed landscape how people communicate with doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and healthcare in general in USA.

My duties was work with requirements from Chicago HQ and build a fast reliable backend on top of big data driven recommendation service that help customers make decisions how to save money.

Keywords: flask, python, postgresql

Google, independent contractor (remote job), apr 2013 - feb 2014

Font Bakery is a set of command-line tools for building and testing font projects, and a web interface for reviewing them. It runs checks on source files in UFO, SFD or TTX formats and builds them into OTF and TTF files (plus the files needed for hosting in Google Web Fonts.) It runs tests on these files and stores the results in files that can be browsed by the Font Bakery web app.

My part was ongoing project development. Whole code is available under Apache 2 license on GitHub page https://github.com/xen/fontbakery/

Keywords: python, flask, continuous integration platform, redis, gevent, websockets

metamedia (Koh Samui, Thailand), Senior Backend Developer, sep 2012 - mar 2013

My task was improve already existed Backend API server written on Python with PostgreSQL database storage. Project http://www.citizen.tv/ is video hosting similar to Youtube with additional functionality for art people. I mostly work with internal stuff of API server, made several big refactors and optimization that helps scale project and made it more stable and faster.

Keywords: Python, Postgres, PL/SQL

Mamba.ru (Odessa, Ukraine), CTO, oct 2011 ­— mar 2012

At first I setup new office for Moscow (Russia) based company and gathered two teams of mobile and social apps development. Then lead team of python engineers and we created robust cloud-like platform for social apps. Requirements was big grows if application goes viral and become popular. Also we created framework to simplify social app launch for different social networks (Facebook, Vk.com, others). We used API-like approach on server side with JavaScript rich client in browser. Also my task was create that team from scratch.

Keywords: Python, Flask, Celery, MongoDB, Social apps, Highload, uwsgi

iPark Ventures (Odessa, Ukraine), CTO/System architect, feb 2010 - may 2011

Team recruiting and setup, setup of team communications, couching. After launch of development my primary fields was team leading, project architect building, code scaffolding, deployment scripts. Product requirements writing, user feedback analysis with following UX improvements, UI requirements and mockups design. Part time coding.

We created from scratch in house framework that works in restricted environment of Google App Engine. Server side was API-like interface for complex GWT client side with rich application interface (Gmail-like).

Keywords: Google App Engine, Python, Tipfy, UX, UI, Mockups, Datastore, Buildout, Git, Mercurial, Project management, System Architect

Devcult, freelancer/consultant, 2009 - 2013

My own small pet business where I make projects for myself or clients. Including consulting and SEO/Internet marketing service. Notable django based projects:

Key Solutions (Moscow, Russia — Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine), CEO/founder, 2003 - 2007

CEO and founder of small open source software and consulting company. Work with clients that use Zope, Plone, Python and Linux as main technologies. Creation and maintenance of small and large sites and solutions, server support. Started from team of 3 and grown up to 15 developers.

Former member of Plone Foundation, Zope commiter. Author of http://plone.org.ru, editor and founder of http://zope3.ru/

I led Key Solutions for several years and made company leading Plone, Zope and Python service provider on CIS (Russia, Ukraine and other Russian speaking countries) market.

Selected projects:

  • my team created Zope3 CA­ based web framework Hivurt. And then built several other products ontop of it.
  • group of websites (about 10 sites of different scales) and management systems for the biggest real estate agency in Russia MIEL.
  • Dozen open source products for Plone and Zope3
  • Sport TV channel, http://sportbox.ru/, version of 2007 - 2009 yrs., one of the biggest Zope3 projects

Keywords: Python, Postgres, Zope 2, Zope CA (Zope 3), Plone, Project Management, DBA, Linux, Subversion

Responsibilities: Work with clients that use Zope, Plone, Python and Linux as main technologies, account management. Creation and maintenance of small and large sites and solutions, servers support. Team leadership.


Member of the following:

  • Plone Foundation Member.
  • Django Community
  • Zope3 Community

I am an administrator and member of the following mailing lists:

I am an active member of GTUG Ukraine, Python and open source communities.

Lectures and reports:

  • PyCon Ukraine (presenter and organizer team member in 2010, 2011)
  • GTUG Kiev, GTUG Dnepropetrovsk, lectures about Google App Engine
  • during the period of 2003-2007 I was conducting the sprints and meetings of Zope/Plone developers in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

Keeping a blog http://www.vurt.ru/

Previous content projects:

During 2014 volunteering in expert group that lobby changes in Ukrainian laws related to eIDs, eGovernment and cryptography.

Additional information

Marital status: I am a happy husband and father of daughter.

Hobbies: traveling, geek-culture, Japanese culture.

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